David Goldstein reviewed by Fran Dolan at LARB

How to Eat a Book – The Los Angeles Review of Books.

Thrilled to see David’s book reviewed by Fran Dolan.

“His focus on eating rather than food enables him to avoid the trap of festive description in order to explore the deeper pleasures of critique. He considers not food as a thing, but eating as a process, and a relationship “at once material and symbolic.”

Timothy Morton Acts Up – The Los Angeles Review of Books

Rock Your World (Or, Theory Class Needs an Upgrade) – The Los Angeles Review of Books.

Morton reviews Shaviro — and gives academic theory a tongue-lashing.

JSTOR Understanding Shakespeare

JSTOR Understanding Shakespeare.


Shakespeare Gallery

Romatic Illustration Shakespeare Gallery Network:


Negatives from the collection of UCLA professor Fred Burwick.

Laurie Lynd

Laurie Lynd.Scenes from latest Romeo and Juliet teen movie.

‘Macbeth’ Hits Home at San Quentin | AMERICAN THEATRE

‘Macbeth’ Hits Home at San Quentin | AMERICAN THEATRE.

By UCI’s Robert Cohen.

Artistic Research PRAGUE 2016


Would sure like to attend this!