The Romeo and Juliet Affair

Romeo and Juliet Affair
UC Irvine
June 25-26, 2014

Designed as a working session for contributors to the Arden Critical Guide to Romeo and Juliet, this affair was also open to graduate students and members of the public interested in the critical and performance history of Romeo and Juliet and to members of w/Shakespeare.

Speakers included Ian Munro (performance history), Naomi Conn Liebler (the critical tradition), Rebeca Helfer (recent criticism), Joseph Campana (ballet), Will N. West (Romeo and Juliet’s understudies), and Robert Watson (rethinking Capulet). In addition to graduate students in English and drama, we were happy to host visitors from the general public, plus colleagues from local universities.

Affair = an activity or pursuit; a concern, project, or enterprise; a matter at hand; matters of public interest and importance; matters relating to the general course of human existence; a romantic or sexual relationship; a public or social gathering; an event, gathering, or party; deportment, bearing, conduct; personal display, show; male or female genitals; an object or item constructed for a particular purpose; an invention or contrivance.

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